3 Breadboxes So You Can Have Fresh And Soft Bread Every Day!

A breadbox is an essential utility item that most people should have in the house! Bread is almost a staple for most of us, and the inconvenient thing about bread is that the moment you open the seal and leave it out, bread starts to dry out and go stale at an alarming rate! But here are 3 breadboxes that are a sure shot way around these problems! So, shall we check these out?

ProductProduct nameMaterialBread boardPrice
Progressive International Adjustable Bread KeeperPlasticYes$$
Brabantia 299445 Roll Top Bread BinStainless steelNo$$
Blue Donuts Bread Box made of pure Bamboo with stylish AcrylicBamboo and acrylicNo$$

And now that we’ve been introduced, let’s look at the details of each…

#1:Progressive International Adjustable Bread Keeper

This first one made of plastic is actually the cheapest of the lot. And yet, it makes it to the top of our list because it has achieved bestseller status on Amazon currently! Here’s what you get with this:

  • This one is an expandable breadbox ad that means that you can store small or large loaves in it.
  • Also, it comes with an inbuilt polypropylene slicing board on the bottom, and this too slides out to become as long as the loaf. This means you can slice up your fresh loaf inside the box itself. 

  • Another big plus with this are the air vents. If you have ever kept bread in a completely closed container, there usually tends to be some condensation on the sides of the container and this is indicative of mold starting to grow on the bread. But if there is just enough air circulation inside, as with this one, the bread remains moist, and it doesn’t go bad either. Also the air vents are adjustable, so you can change it around.  

  • And of course, the most convenient part is that you can actually wash this box in the dishwasher, making your chores simpler!
So much about the attributes of this breadbox, now let’s take a look at customer reviews, shall we?

  • According to most reviewers, and this one, the breadbox delivers on all the counts concerned. Just as advertised, it keeps the bread fresh and moist minus mold, and it also is expandable and convenient.
  • Another great part about this box is that it actually simplifies storing preservative free homemade bread! Normally, homemade bread has a shorter life span, because storing it can be really tough. But this one takes care of them great! Check out this reviewer’s opinions
  • If experienced buyers like this one are to be believed, they found this to be far superior in performance to many other bread keepers!
As for the rest of the reviews, just click here to read them. And once you do – if this seems like the best buy for you as well, go ahead and order here!

Progressive International Adjustable Bread Keeper

Now moving on to the second one – a much more stylish breadbox to have…

#2:Brabantia 299445 Roll Top Bread Bin

This is the most expensive product on our list today. But if elegance is what you are after, and you want your breadbox to match the modern minimalistic furniture in your house – then this one is a must-buy! Besides the look, here’s why else it will be a good investment:

  • The size and shape are pretty compact – and that means it economically manages space for your bread.
  • The base has a special pattern that acts as vents to keep your bread ventilated and fresh.
  • There’s a noise canceling plastic stop inside.

  • This one is much larger in size than the last one – having the space to hold up to 2 loaves at once!
  • The top conveniently rolls up to give you access to the bread. Also the top being flat, you can actually store other things on top.
As for how buyers found this product, we’ll take a look now:

  • The box is so effective and convenient that some buyers even used to it store more than just bread! Check this review out for details as well as pictures.
  • Some buyers did have a few apprehensions about the price, but as most of them confirmed post buying – it is really worth every penny you spend on it. Here’s someone who thought the same – read the review here.
  • Now another factor that the manufacturers advertise is the no fingerprint matt finish. And according to this reviewer, they do succeed!
Now there are many other reviews with snippets of information, and you can read all of those here. And once you do, if you do decide to get this one, don’t forget to order at Amazon, as they do give you a good discount!

Brabantia 299445 Roll Top Bread Bin

And finally, our third pick…

#3:Blue Donuts Bread Box made of pure Bamboo with stylish Acrylic
 This one has possibly the most rustic feel to it, and like the second one, it can be used to store sliced or unsliced bread. Of course with both the second and this product, slicing your bread still requires you to take it out. But keeping already sliced bread in it should be easy. Now for the features:

  • This one too has a sliding door, and in this case, the door itself is acrylic, and translucent.
  • Another great thing about this breadbox is the 2 year warranty on it. If it wasn’t durable, the manufacturers wouldn’t give this to you.

  • Also, like the second one, this one is large enough to hold two loaves of bread in it!
  • And most importantly, it isn’t tightly sealed, so your bread gets the required ventilation and stays fresh.
So, now we’ll take a look at what some of the buyers have had to say about this – whether it really does perform or not:

  • If you are worrying about the performance, then you can be assured because most buyers, like this lady, confirmed that it indeed keeps bread fresh.
  • Looks wise, while this may not be steel, it is pretty impressive nevertheless. Check out this review for details.
  • And finally, in addition to convenience, these are also quite easy on your pocket. Check out the details here.
Again, for the rest of the reviews, you should check out the section in Amazon. And once you do, if you want to get this, go with Amazon. Currently, you get the best discounts on this one!  

Blue Donuts Bread Box made of pure Bamboo with stylish Acrylic

So there you have our 3 breadboxes. Each has a different appeal, and will obviously appeal to a different section of the audience. Plus, they are in varying price ranges. What you must do now is take your pick and once you have, get ordering… After all – when fresh and yummy bread is within easy reach, shouldn’t you be getting it?

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