3 Medicine Cabinet Organizer Choices Across Budgets!

The bad thing about organizing medicines is that they are small and can easily get misplaced. Also, unless properly organized, most people tend to forget to have regular medicines on time. And as a result, medicine cabinet organizers are a must! So today we have brought you 3 options to choose from:

ProductProduct name31 Day Pill BoxesMaterialPrice
MedCenter 31 Day Pill OrganizerYesPlastic$$
Pill OrganizerYesPlastic$$
Danielle 12 Compartment Clear Acrylic Pill Box OrganizerNoAcrylic$$

And now we’ll look into each in detail…

#1: MedCenter 31 Day Pill Organizer
MedCenter-Pill-Organizerbttn  As you can see from the image, this consists of a graduated step rack. The rack is so designed that it fits 31 pill boxes perfectly. Each of the pill boxes are color coded and numbered by day. The boxes are colored green on one end, and red on the other. Once all the medicines for the day have been had, you just need to turn the box over from the green to the red side. And when placed right, you can see the numbers from the top. Also, each pill box is divided into 4 compartments, so you can store medicines to be had at 4 different times during the day.

The lids are designed in such a way that they open easily. Also, the hinges are very durable and will last you for a while. 

With this pill organizer, you can conveniently organize your medicines or vitamins for a whole month at a go! And then there is no fear of missing out on medicines, or wasting precious time getting them out each time. As for how durable or convenient it is, let’s take a look at the reviews:

  • If you are someone who needs to take medication multiple times in a day, you will definitely appreciate this, just as all the others did!
  • It is also built to be durable and most people testified to this.
  • It also helps you to keep track of pills – you know exactly which ones you’ve already taken and which ones you haven’t!
There are of course many other reviews and you can check all of them out before you go ahead and buy it.

MedCenter 31 Day Pill Organizer

But for a pill organizer, this first one may be a little expensive for some. In that case, you can look into the next one…

#2: Pill Organizer
Pill-Organizerbttn   This next one won’t exactly fit inside a drawer – it is more of a table top ensemble. But it is a hugely convenient organizer to have. Here’s why:

It features two levels, one on top of the other. The top level is round, and can hold bottles and tubes of various sizes and dimensions. Keeping them here means you can see all of them more or less – and they are easy to find. The lower level is like a wheel which fits 31 small pill boxes in it. These pillboxes also have 4 compartments each and fit snugly into the lower level. Also, the boxes are see-through – so you can always see at a glance what medicines you have taken and which you haven’t.

While the entire set up is wheel shaped, it is quite obvious that it will also rotate – and it indeed does. That means you can now reach your medicines and find them a lot more easily. That said, let’s now look at what customers have had to say about this:

  • These are built in such a way that you’d be surprised with their longevity. The hinges, at first sight, seem weak. But they are actually quite strong, as a reviewer was quick to point out after using the organizer for close to a year.
  • While the closures on the pill boxes are a bit tight at the start, after opening and closing a few times, they become easy to use – without compromising the integrity of the medicine you place inside.
  • Even as the set is less expensive than the first – it is still a very good bargain!
Again for the rest of the reviews, go and check out Amazon. And once you do – order it only on Amazon to get an attractive discount!

Pill Organizer

And finally, if you don’t have the need for 31 day pill boxes, you can check out this last one – which is for storing medicine bottles…

#3: Danielle 12 Compartment Clear Acrylic Pill Box Organizer
Clear-Acrylic-Pill-Box-Organizerbttn   This third one is the least expensive – and it doesn’t feature any pill boxes either. This is just a basic holder for 12 pill bottles. The organizer ensures that the bottles stay in one place, and stay upright.

Also, if you know which medicines you have placed in it – you will find it easier to locate them when needed. This is particularly helpful when it comes to bathrooms or other countertops where you want to store a number of pill bottles. This one keeps them in one place and also keeps them protected.

This being acrylic, it is also quite hardy and guaranteed to last you a while. And while it does cost a lot less – don’t think that that is cause for bad quality. Now let’s take a look at customer opinions:

  • It is built to last and it does exactly what it promises.
  • While some people had a problem with the size of the grooves, if you are using it for the right sized bottles, you should have no problem at all.
  • Being a convenient size, it can just as easily fit inside your medicine drawer or cabinet!
While there aren’t too many reviews for this relatively new product – you can always check out what reviews there are before you go ahead and buy.  

Danielle 12 Compartment Clear Acrylic Pill Box Organizer

And now that you have seen these 3 options for medicine cabinet organizers, you just need to decide which the best option for you is and order it. Once you do – Amazon will take care of the rest!

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