3 Pet Food Containers: Easy And Hygienic Food Storage!

Having pets can be a highly rewarding experience. But unfortunately, caring for pets comes with its fair share of chores as well. From keeping the house clean to feeding your pets. And speaking of food for your pets, it is always cheaper and more convenient to buy pet food in bulk packages. And once you’ve bought and opened the packages, you obviously need some place to store all the food. And so we have brought for you 3 pet food containers!

ProductProduct nameStackableSelf-lockingPrice
Bergan Smart StorageYesYes$$
IRIS USA, Inc. Airtight Pet Food Container Combo KitNoYes$$
Bergan Stack-n-stor Pet Food Storage ContainerYesNo, lock can be attached.$$

So, now that you’ve seen the snapshots of the containers, let’s look at them in detail…

#1: Bergan Smart Storage
Bergan-Smart-Storagebttn   With a total capacity of 50 pounds, these containers are really convenient; especially if you need to store a lot of pet food in the house at one go. Also, the manufacturers have kept in mind that you will have pets in the house. And as a result, these are specially designed to keep your pets out of the food!

Another thing to note is that when you are indeed storing food in bulk, you need to ensure that they remain dry and fresh in the container. And that has been amply taken care of by the manufacturers. 

Also, since these are bulk containers, you may actually want to store more than 50 pounds at once. And that is going to be no problem at all. This is because the containers are stackable. And that means they fit on top of one another. You end up with hygienic and easy storage, but without sacrificing too much floor space!

And as for how the product has been reviewed, we’ll take a look at some snippets:

  • These storage containers are equally easy to fill and take food out of. So as long as the food is stored in them, mealtime for your pets becomes hassle free for you!
  • They are made to last. And as a reviewer put in, they had been using these for 4 years almost, and they were still in top shape, with proper sealing lids!
  • They are very efficient at keeping pets out, except for cats. But if you have a cat, just tape up the smaller lid – the bigger lid is impossible for even cats.
There is of course a lot more invaluable information in the rest of the reviews, and you can check them out here before making a choice. And if you do choose these, then go ahead and place your orders soon!

Bergan Smart Storage

Now if you wanted something that has less capacity, but is more convenient to use, then you should check out the next one…

#2: IRIS USA, Inc. Airtight Pet Food Container Combo Kit
First up, why do we call these more convenient? On the size side these are smaller, with the two containers having a capacity of 10 pounds and 25 pounds. Yet, the bigger container that you place at the bottom actually comes with 4 wheels. These make moving the food containers around easy, especially when they are full and heavy.

Also, the 2 containers you get here are stackable – though you cannot stack on another set on it. Another added advantageis the included food scoop having 2 cups capacity and with ½ cup markings. 

Also note that the container is made of top grade plastic that is certified to be BPA free – so it will in no way harm your pet. The two containers, one big and one small, ensure that you do not have to expose all the food to the air every time you take food out of it. You can always use from the top container, which is the smaller one. In the larger one, you can store the excess food!

Again, we’ll take a look at customer reviews, to see what personal experiences individuals had with this set:

  • These are so good that some people even bought them to store rice in. Now, if the containers were safe for rice, you can definitely rest easy that they’ll keep your pet’s food dry, clean and fresh!
  • Again, these are totally dog proofed, and no dog, however intelligent, can get in them. The other good news is that these are even difficult for cats to prise open.
  • These are also very durably built – in fact, as a reviewer wrote, the smaller container falling off the top popped open, but remained undamaged, nevertheless!
For the rest of the reviews, do check out Amazon. And then if you decide that this one is more your thing, then place your orders on Amazon for the best shipping that ensures that the containers reach you promptly and undamaged.

IRIS USA, Inc. Airtight Pet Food Container Combo Kit

And finally our third container – these are by far the cheapest, and yet they are in no way behind in standard!

#3: Bergan Stack-n-stor Pet Food Storage Container

 These containers have been uniquely designed to solve a number of different problems quite efficiently:

  • Firstly, these have a stackable design, so you can safely store multiple containers one over the other, thereby saving floor space.

  • When you stack containers, you are usually able to access just the top container. But in this case you can actually access all the containers equally well, even when stacked. 

  • Another plus is the locking system. These can be locked, so that no matter what animals you have in the house – or even kids – no one can open them if you don’t want them to.
  • And finally, the other two containers may be a little over budget for some – but not these ones.
But how well do these containers stand up to the test of reviewers? We’ll check that out just now:

  • The fact that these are sturdy without being bulky and heavy is a big plus point.
  • These are also built to last. A particular reviewer had had these for 5 years and continues to use them with no trouble.
  • Since you can access the food even when stacked, it means that you can store different kinds of food – maybe for different pets – in these. And that way you can access them all at once, without unloading the top containers!
But the information here isn’t exhaustive. Do check out the reviews for all the other details. And once you do – go ahead and place your orders on Amazon to get these for a great price!

Bergan Stack-n-stor Pet Food Storage Container

And with that we come to the end of our list of 3 pet food containers for you to choose from. Each has its own distinctive features that set it apart from the others. You now need to just decide on your budget and what features you want – and get ordering!

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