3 Top Kitchen Pantry Organizers: Give The Pantry A Facelift!

The pantry is one of the most important parts of any kitchen. All the essential cooking supplies are stored here – and you need to go back in their before cooking most meals – starting from utensils, to spices, from ingredients to anything else you may need. The pantry is the cornerstone of all kitchen storage. But being such an important part – your pantry also tends to get overwhelmingly cluttered. And we have for you today, 3 kitchen pantry organizers to take care of all your needs!

ProductProduct nameMade ofStyle Price
Shelf on Wheels 89 Expandable Roll-Out Wire Cabinet ShelfSteel WireWith wheel$$
Shelf on Wheels Expandable Kitchen Pantry Roll OutSteel WireWith wheels$$
Pro-Mart-Over-the-Door Organizer
Pro-Mart DAZZ 42-Pocket Over-the-Door OrganizerPolyester cotton canvasHanging$$

Now we’ll look at each in detail:

#1: Shelf on Wheels 89 Expandable Roll-Out Wire Cabinet Shelf


Fitting inside most typical kitchen cabinets or pantries, these shelf organizers are a great way to keep everything organized as well as accessible. The shelves come with metal wheels of very good quality. Also, they fit into channels that you need to install along the sides. Thereafter, every time you need something, you can just slide out the shelf, and find it.

With such a shelf, nothing in your pantry will be inaccessible ever again – including all those things usually stored right at the back and usually forgotten till they are well past their expiration date!

And now we’ll take a quick look at some of the customer reviews:

  • The build of this shelf is solid – and you can actually tell that even when filled with heavy stuff, it will hold up for years to come.
  • The wheels and the entire set up is very nice, so that the shelf smoothly slides out – every single time!
  • Also, the entire set is extremely easy to assemble, and most people can usually manage without any outside help.
So if this seems like the sort of thing you’ve been looking for – go ahead and check out the rest of the reviews, before actually placing your orders!


Shelf on Wheels 89 Expandable Roll-Out Wire Cabinet Shelf

Now we take a look at another similar product…

#2: Shelf on Wheels Expandable Kitchen Pantry Roll Out


This second one is a little different from the first, it would seem. This is particularly in dimensions. Otherwise, expect the same quality since it is from the same manufacturers.

This is also made up of the best quality steel wire, coated with chrome. The chrome increases the longevity of the shelf by protecting it from corrosion.

While this is mainly right for the kitchen pantry, it is a pretty versatile shelf organizer that you can even use in other shelves and under the bed.

The superior construction makes this a great shelf to have in the house to make organization easier. And this is something you can clearly see from the reviews:

  • Most people were extremely happy with the expandability. That makes this really versatile.
  • These shelves are also very easy to put together and install.
  • Another thing many reviewers were quick to mention is the durability

Go ahead and check out the rest of the reviews for yourself from Amazon. And once you do – don’t let the amazing discounted price go right now!


Shelf on Wheels Expandable Kitchen Pantry Roll Out

And finally we have our last option – this one is a lot cheaper, though still very useful!

#3: Pro-Mart DAZZ 42-Pocket Over-the-Door Organizer

Pro-Mart-Over-the-Door Organizer

This one is very different from the last two in design. This is actually an organizer that you can use on the inside of your pantry door. After all, that is space that is going wasted.

You hang this organizer and then you can keep your spices, ladles, cutlery and other small containers in the 42 strong pockets that make up the entire organizer!

The entire organizer as well as the pockets is made of special cotton polyester fabric and mesh respectively – that ensures that there is ventilation across it.

It also comes with 3 steel hooks that you just need to install before hanging this – making it super easy to put up! And now we’ll check out some of the reviews:

  • Many people used this to organize their beauty or other items – but it can just as well function in your pantry!
  • The stitching on it is very good – which will ensure that it lasts for a long time.
  • The pockets are actually double mesh, and a handy feature is that there is a tie that you can use to attach it to the door knob so that it stays stationary more or less.

As for the other reviews, go ahead and read them up on Amazon now. And once you do – you know where to order it from!

Pro-Mart-Over-the-Door Organizer

Pro-Mart DAZZ 42-Pocket Over-the-Door Organizer

So there you have our 3 top kitchen pantry organizers from Amazon. You just need to decide which of these you need and get ordering. Once you get them – you’ll never lose anything in your pantry ever again!

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