Here Are 2 Hot Food Containers That Are Safe And Useful!

So you cook and pack lunches for your school going kids, maybe even for your husband and yourself. But by the time it is lunch, the food usually goes cold. Some food is fine eaten cold, but others taste much better warm. And this is particularly true of the winter months. And thermos containers are a good way to keep food warm for long. With that aim, today we have brought you 2 hot food containers to choose from.

ProductProduct nameBPA freeMaintains temperature for:Price
Insulated Food Jar Containers Vacuum SealedYesCold & Hot: 7 hours$$
Thermos Funtainer Food JarYesCold: 7 hours
Hot: 5 hours

A thermos typically works on the principle of insulation. They contain a layer that completely seals the food container inside. And this layer greatly slows down the transference of heat either way. This means that if you have hot food inside, the heat cannot escape very fast, and the food stays warm for a certain amount of time. Inversely, if the food inside is cold, the heat is prevented from entering freely from outside, keeping the food cool. And both these hot food containers work on the same principle. But they do differ in certain points. Let’s check these out now:

#1: Insulated Food Jar Containers Vacuum Sealed

This first one consists of a durable steel  container that is covered in a sleeve of insulation. In addition to the sleeve, the screw on lid is also made of the same material. The result is that when closed, it forms a sealed closed container inside which the temperature is efficiently managed.

The great thing is that the lid also doubles up as a convenient bowl for serving! In fact, this lid cum bowl isn’t very small either – it has a capacity of 8 fl. ounces!

The other thing to note about this is that it takes insulation to a new level.

This is because it has a special vacuum insulation technology. Normally, thermos containers use an insulating material. But the best insulator by far is vacuum. And this one comes with a vacuum sealing feature, that creates a vacuum inside to properly keep your food insulated. And when you want to open it, all you need to do is press a button on the top that releases the pressure and allows you to open the container.

Now we take a look at the reviews for the product:

  • The vacuum feature really keeps your food warm. As a particular customer put in, he opened the container at lunch to find that his food was still steaming hot! Read the whole review here.
  • Another plus point is that even though you need to clean these by hand, the wide mouth ensures that cleaning them is pretty easy. And this customer agreed!
  • If you have kids and will be packing lunches for them, you’d want to know if the thermos is durable and easy to open. And if you read what this customer had to say, you will find that it indeed is!
As for the rest of the reviews, you can always go and check those out on Amazon for yourself. And then, if you wish to get this one, make the most of the amazing discount on Amazon right now!

Insulated Food Jar Containers Vacuum Sealed

And now we have another hot food container – this one a little less expensive, but pretty good nevertheless…

#2: Thermos Funtainer Food Jar
 This one comes with a separate sleeve that fits over the whole container. In fact the blue you see here is actually the hard insulating sleeve. Inside this you have a stainless steel container with specially insulated lid and bottom. This one also uses the vacuum insulation technology, and that means that your food is maintained at a reasonable temperature quite effectively, and for a good amount of time.

In terms of design too, this one is great. The container, with food packed in, remains cool to the touch due to the insulating blue cover. Also, the mouth is wide, making it possible to fill it, clean it and eat from it much more easily.

Another thing to note is that while hand washing is recommended, according to the manufacturers, you can safely wash it in the dishwasher on a gentle cycle. Just don’t put the outer cover into the washer.

This one has a capacity of 10 ounces over all, and going by the reviews, it is a good buy. Now let’s check out the reviews:

And now, if you want to read the rest of the reviews before making a choice, just go and check them out on Amazon. And thereafter, go with Amazon for the best deals!

Thermos Funtainer Food Jar

No matter what food you are cooking for lunch or dinner now – whether it needs to remain cold or hot for a while – these 2 hot food containers are going to make that possible! So now all you need to do is take your pick and then place your orders! And once Amazon delivers them to your doorstep – you are all set!

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