The Best Tile Grout Cleaner Plus The Right Replacements!

When you have tiled floors in the house, grout is an important step to keeping the tiles firmly in place. But unfortunately, grouting needs to be redone from time to time as the grout filling wears away. And as you know, to grout the floor, you need to first clean out the old grout and for that you need a tile grout cleaner. Unlike other kinds of cleaners, these are actually manual tools that you use to scrape out the residual grout – and the machines usually come with two different tips to use – a pointed one and a flat one. Today we’re taking a look at one of the best grout cleaners you could get…

Regrout Tool - Electric Grout Remover

When it comes to removing grout so you can redo it, you need to be very careful. If you aren’t, then you actually stand the risk of chipping and cracking the tiles. And when doing it by hand, since you cannot always maintain even pressure – this is a very real risk. But this one of a kind tool is able to do it perfectly, and without any chipping or scratching of the tiles. The result is that you can easily reuse the tiles and save yourself quite a bit of money! Now let’s look at what are the factors that make this tool the best in the market today…

Why you must get this

Here’s exactly what this one can do – and the rest can’t:

  • Whether the grout has been sanded already or not, this one can work to clean it out completely.
  • Unlike other machines that grind the grout to powder and create a mess as well as clouds of dust, this one chisels it away.
  • This tool is easy to use – and even one with little or no experience can easily get the job done using this.
  • Unlike most other grout removal machines, this one works well even if the tiles are misaligned or if they are not straight.
  • In fact, this tool easily maneuvers around corners of the tiles as well.
  • It also comes with a very powerful yet gentle motor to manage the scraping with ease.
And of course, with this tool, you can actually remove grout from lines of varying widths, with the maximum width being 1/8th of an inch. But before you make up your mind, you should ideally take a look at…

The customer reviews

There are quite a few reviews for the tool, but we’ve brought you a few highlights only:

  • Firstly, the fact that it is super easy to use means that you don’t need to hire a contractor and pay extra. In fact, all adults in the house, irrespective of whether they have prior experience in grouting can use it – and that speeds up the process!
  • The motor is of very good quality and that means that the tool works uniformly and for as long as you need it to.
  • And of course, in addition to being easy to store and easy to use, it is also super easy on the pocket!
As for the rest of the reviews, do go check those out too. And once you have, order from Amazon for the best delivery and offers!

Regrout Tool - Electric Grout Remover

Also, as you go about using the tool, the attachments are bound to wear out eventually. But that doesn’t mean the tool becomes useless – since replacement tips are easily available, again at Amazon!


Regrout Tool Replacement Tip Pointed

Regrout Tool Replacement Tip Flat

This replacement tip works just as well as the original tip that comes with the machine – and that is what makes it such a good replacement.
In fact, as a reviewer put in, it would be a good idea to get a spare one along with the tool itself so as not to have to stop in the middle if the original wears out.
And of course, the price is quite reasonable!

Again, this one is a grouting tool that works just as well as the original one. Also, it is advised that you get one of these along with the tool itself. And for the same reason.
Since they are both priced exactly the same, this one is obviously also quite reasonable. And considering just how much you save on over all grouting, this is a small price to pay!


So, there you have the complete set of tile grout cleaner tools that you would need to D-I-Y it. And the bottom line is that you actually end up saving so much time and money that this cleaner actually ends up paying for itself in a very short time!

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