Top 3 Cleaning Caddies – Convenience & Quality In One!

A cleaning caddy makes keeping your house spic-n-span an easier task. You need a variety of supplies for the task, and going back to your cleaning cabinet for these each time is just not a practical solution. But a cleaning caddie allows you to conveniently carry the supplies with you as you go from room to room. So, today we bring you the top 3 cleaning caddies to be found on Amazon at this time!

ProductProduct nameMaterialWith coverPrice
Rubbermaid Commercial FG315488BLA Deluxe Carry CaddyPlastic No $$
Sterilite Cleaning CaddyPlastic Yes $$
Casabella Rectangular Storage CaddyPlastic No $$

And now we’ll be taking a look at each individually…

#1: Rubbermaid Commercial FG315488BLA Deluxe Carry Caddy
Rubbermaid-Commercial-Deluxe-Carry-Caddybttn  This first one is the most expensive caddy on this list here today – but even then, it is the bestseller on Amazon. And even though you pay a few dollars extra, where quality is concerned – that is hardly a problem!

Manufactured and retailed by Rubbermaid, this caddy is a very sturdy option. You can find caddies galore in the market, but when you are looking at carrying bottles of cleaning solutions in them, you need one that is strong enough to hold up the weight.

And this caddy has been built to carry a 32 ounce spray bottle – in addition to the other supplies you need. Also, there is enough space for more than one spray bottle to be stored and carried around as well.
But since there are many reviews for it, let’s also take a quick look at a few snippets from the reviews now:
  • A very sturdy unit making it super easy to carry around a variety of supplies that you may need for cleaning.
  • The size is very convenient and the caddy can fit almost anywhere.
  • Even though it is built to hold up a lot of weight, it doesn’t weigh much by itself.
As for the rest of the many reviews, do go check out Amazon for yourself. And as for where to buy it from – the shipping and delivery is most reliable from Amazon!

Rubbermaid Commercial FG315488BLA Deluxe Carry Caddy

After the initial best seller, we now move on to one that is a little less expensive…

#2: Sterilite Cleaning Caddy
Sterilite-Cleaning-Caddybttn   This next one is a more basic caddy in terms of design and look. However, this one is a little different from the last one. Wondering how? Well, primarily, it comes with a fitting lid. This means that if you store things that are not too high in it, you can just place the lid and leave it in the cleaning cupboard.

The lid also means that you can use this as a cleaning caddy even outside your home. For instance, this seems to be a favorite with people in RVs and boats!

Also, if you were worried about the quality of it, a look at the reviews is enough to ensure you that it is pretty sturdy! And that is in spite of being quite spacious, so you can load up a whole lot of stuff inside. But we’ll also check out the reviews to recheck:

  • The handle is pretty comfortable even as it serves the purpose.
  • The size is just right for cleaning up at home or in a personal space and then storing under the sink.
  • Since these are a little larger than the usual caddies you can get – they are a lot more convenient and can even fit a whole roll of paper!
Before you do take a final decision, though, do check out the rest of the reviews on Amazon. And once you do – you know you can always get it from there.

Sterilite Cleaning Caddy

And finally our third pick – not too different in final price – through the list price is much higher!

#3: Casabella Rectangular Storage Caddy

This one actually comes from the Casabella label – which explains the list price, as well as speaks for the quality.

The other plus point with this caddy is the beautiful design. It not only looks elegant, but is also super convenient to use. In fact, if you have a Casabella bucket, you’ll be surprised to know that this one fits snugly atop that to be moved around the house as you go about cleaning! 

The caddy design is quite different from the others – with this one being a translucent grey colored thing. The orange accent over the handle only adds to the look. Plus, you can easily use it to store other stuff as well.

And now we’ll take a quick look at the reviews:

  • This one is also a very sturdy little caddy – be it for cleaning or any other needs.
  • In fact, owing to its great looks a lot of people actually used it to store shower supplies. But consider this – you can now have a cleaning caddy that looks really chic!
  • It is a great size and a good weight – making it easy to use.
However, before you zero in on this one, do go and check out the reviews for the product on Amazon. And thereafter make the most of the more than 75% discount on Amazon.

Casabella Rectangular Storage Caddy

So have you decided which one of these top 3 cleaning caddies fits the bill for you? Well, check them out on Amazon and take your pick. And once you do – you will be able to clean more efficiently!

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