Under Bed Storage Drawers & Dividers: Organize Your Stuff!

Drawers are a great way to make the most out of the available storage space in your house. And, what better place for drawers than under your bed? After all, the space under the bed is for the most part unutilized. While you may put stuff here, they are extremely difficult to access on a daily basis – and so most people just stash unwanted stuff here. But consider this – with under bed storage drawers, you can store all kinds of stuff under the bed – and even easily access them whenever you need! Sounds good?

Product Product nameWoodenDrawer insertPrice
Underbed Storage DrawersYesNo$$
Sorbus Set of 4 Foldable Drawer Dividers, Storage Boxes, Closet Organizers, Under Bed OrganizerNoYes$$

So – let’s take a look at each in detail now…

#1: Underbed Storage Drawers
Underbed-Storage-Drawersbttn   These are readymade drawers with attached wheels. They can slide in under your bed. And with the well constructed wheels, they are super easy to pull out when needed. Also the drawers are made of top quality pine wood – which also explains the high price.

The size is also very convenient – the drawers are 36 inch by 7 ¼ inches in area, and are 5 inches high. This means that they are a pretty good size to fit stuff in. 

The good part about these drawers is that they can be kept under bunk beds, platform beds and any other beds you like – as long as they don’t already have drawers underneath. Also, the other thing to note is that these drawers actually come in wood finish – so pick a wood finish bed to keep them under. However, since they are ready to be finished, people into D-I-Y can also paint them in any other shade or polish they like to match the rest of the furniture. Now let’s take a look at customer feedback:

  • The construction is really sturdy and the drawers are guaranteed to last for a while.
  • Great for storing clothes in as they protect your clothes are also just the right thickness for them.
  • The wheels are of excellent quality – unlike less standard products. They work like a dream and the drawer rolls out very easily.
As for the rest of the reviews, do go and check out Amazon. And once you do – if you choose to have this, go ahead and order it on Amazon today!

Underbed Storage Drawers

This first one was a drawer, but now we’ll be looking at organizer inserts for drawers:

#2: Sorbus Set of 4 Foldable Drawer Dividers, Storage Boxes, Closet Organizers, Under Bed Organizer
Foldable-Drawer-Dividersbttn   While the first one was a set of 2 drawers made of wood – these are drawer organizers to be more precise. These are actually material inserts that help you to segregate and keep your clothes in an orderly and organized manner.

The good part is that they are all square or rectangular in shape and comfortably fit within any standard size drawer. The material is top quality and even moisture proof, so they keep your clothes protected. The material is also quite durable and resistant to mold. So over all, your clothes will be kept in the best way possible. Another thing to note is that the stitching on these things is very steady.

The result is that these will actually last you for years to come. And considering how reasonably they are priced – that is a big plus! Also do note, that you can buy these with the drawer we featured first (to put in it), or if you already have drawers and are tired of how things always get messed up inside them!

But before you actually go ahead and make a buy – let’s check out the reviews, shall we?

  • The entire set is very well built and quite lightweight. Also, storing them when not in use is very easy as they fold into flat pieces.
  • Being made of fabric, they are pretty flexible – and that means you can actually stuff things into them, without worrying about them breaking.
  • The price is actually quite reasonable as compared to other drawer dividers, and so you can seriously consider these.
Again, for more information, be sure to check out the rest of the many reviews on Amazon. And once you do – buy from Amazon if you like discounts and deals!

Sorbus Set of 4 Foldable Drawer Dividers, Storage Boxes, Closet Organizers, Under Bed Organizer

So we have featured a set of under bed storage drawers as well as a set of fabric drawer dividers. You now need to decide which ones (or both) you need and get ordering. Once you have these in your house – not finding stuff in your bureau is going to be a thing of the past!

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